Traditional Holiday Desserts For Diabetics

DIABETIC PUDDINGS, PIES, AND COOKIES 1. Diabetic Christmas Pudding •  A no-sugar Chtistmas pudding with carrots and apples to keep it moist and cinnamon and mixed spice to warm it up nicely Ingredients: 125g plain flour 125g fresh white breadcrumbs 25g shredded vegetable suet 125g currants 150g raisins 1 tbsp low-calorie sweetener 2 tsp each ground …Read more

How To Prepare Diabetic-Friendly Drinks For Christmas

DIABETIC-FRIENDLY DRINKS Who doesn’t love a hostess who knows how to put on a sumptuous table for Christmas? Who except diabetic guests, that is, because they’re pretty much invited to salivate at the rich, creamy dishes, puddings and pies without being able to sample any of it. A thoughtful hostess will always make a few …Read more

5 Post-Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwiches For Your Eyes

TURKEY SANDWICHES The second-best thing after a large Thanksgiving turkey dinner? The turkey sandwiches that last for several days afterwards, of course. Somehow, the leftover turkey keeps winter’s festive spirit alive until the Holidays come along, and many people even confess that they look forward to this annual treat more than the actual Thanksgiving spread. …Read more

How To Protect Your Eyes With Chemical-Free, Organic, Homemade Eyeliners

ORGANIC EYELINERS In spite of all the warnings we repeatedly hear about eye health, women continue to put commercial eyeliners in daily contact with their eyes. A proper make-up regimen is rarely complete without a sweep of liner darkening the waterline to make eyes look whiter, brighter and more dramatic, and like Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen …Read more