5 Holiday Eye Make-Up Trends That Are Wowing The Windchills Out Of Winter This Year

MAKE-UP TRENDS FOR WINTER SEASON • If the fluoresensibility of the 80s appeals to the secret hippie inside you, and you always wished you owned a color-changing mood lipstick, don’t take off those rose-tinted glasses just yet because the riot of 80s-inspired, psychedelic multicolor is back. Set to last well into the new year, when orange and …Read more

How To Protect Your Eyes With Chemical-Free, Organic, Homemade Eyeliners

ORGANIC EYELINERS In spite of all the warnings we repeatedly hear about eye health, women continue to put commercial eyeliners in daily contact with their eyes. A proper make-up regimen is rarely complete without a sweep of liner darkening the waterline to make eyes look whiter, brighter and more dramatic, and like Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen …Read more