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Hollywood Celebrities had LASIKA few months ago, King LASIK discussed in our blog athletes that had success with laser vision correction surgery. This month, we have decided to focus on television and music stars that have experienced the life-changing benefits of LASIK. Here are a few celebrities that have spoken openly about their experience (and even had it documented on film):

Jimmy Fallon

Nearly legally blind, Jimmy Fallon had LASIK surgery in 2009. “Yeah, the vision thing has been a problem for years,” he told “I can only see up-close, so I decided to go for it … It’s worked out great!” Fallon’s production team was recruited to videotape the procedure and it was posted on his “Late Night” show’s blog.

Regis Philbin

Beloved media personality, actor and singer Regis Philbin had laser vision correction years ago, when he hosted his morning show with Kathie Lee. His LASIK surgeon appeared on the show and tested his excellent post-operative vision in front of the live audience. She noted that she corrected one eye for reading vision and the other for distance vision, to provide a full range of clear, crisp vision.

Shay Mitchell

The young actress had LASIK surgery earlier this year and documented the entire experience on the social media platforms YouTube and Snapchat. Mitchell had a friend record the preparation, procedure and outcome, all of which she shared with her fans and followers.

Blake Shelton

Country superstar Blake Shelton announced his 2015 LASIK surgery on Twitter, noting that he shouldn’t have waited so long to pursue clear vision. Three days after his surgery, he performed a show in front of fans.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson also underwent LASIK surgery around the time she was filming her reality show “Newlyweds” for MTV. “I have horrible, horrible eyes,” she said before the procedure. “I’m almost legally blind.” Almost immediately after surgery, she could read the eye chart better.

Kim Kardashian

Reportedly suffering with vision problems since her teenage years, Kim had LASIK surgery to relieve independence from visual aids. Her procedure was captured by a film crew and featured on an episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” She took a gamble by scheduling her procedure a day before she was set to dance in a Las Vegas show (usually doctors recommend allowing a few days to adequately recover). Luckily, Kim nailed the performance.

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