Benefits of Laser Corrective Eye Surgery

BENEFITS OF LASIK One of the most common questions potential LASIK patients ask is, “Will I really get to donate my reading glasses?”  The answer is not as cut and dried as they might like; the answer is yes and/or no.  Laser corrective eye surgery benefits usually include not having to wear glasses or contacts …Read more

5 Ways Teachers Would Benefit from Custom LASIK Surgery

BENEFITS OF CUSTOM LASIK SURGERY ON TEACHERS Teachers are the perfect candidates for custom LASIK surgery.  Between reading, writing, paper grading, and having to keep a watchful eye on students, LASIK surgery offers the perfect solution to say goodbye to glasses and hello to a more focused perspective – literally.  Plus believe it or not, …Read more

Olympic Sports and Custom LASIK

BENEFITS OF CUSTOM LASIK ON OLYMPIC ATHLETES Some professionals (e.g., doctors, tailors, jewelry designers, computer repair technicians) need eagle eye vision to do their job properly. If you think about it, that requirement also extends to some Olympic athletes. Tennis and badminton players, archers and fencers are among those for whom a sharp eye is …Read more