Going on a Winter Vacation after LASIK Surgery? (Do’s and Don’ts)

VACATION AFTER LASIK SURGERY It’s pretty common for people to undergo LASIK surgery before their annual winter vacation. After all, who doesn’t want to look great during their holidays, and be able to take selfies and family photos without glasses? Winter vacation locations vary – from tropical beaches to skiing resorts – and people have many …Read more

11 Celebrities Who Had LASIK Eye Surgery

CELEBRITIES THAT HAD LASIK EYE SURGERY Nicole Kidman According to the Australian actress, her vision had deteriorated so much over the years, she was walking around, almost legally blind. Finally, faced with the prospect of having to read her acceptance speech at an Academy Award, she went for LASIK surgery. “Now I have 20-20 vision,” …Read more

Top 5 Attractions in Portland, Or

Attractions in Portland You Must Visit After Your LASIK Surgery What’s there to do in Portland, Ore., after you have recovered from your LASIK procedure with King LASIK? Plenty! The following are our top five favorite attractions in lush Portland. #1 Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area The Columbia River is 1,243 miles long, stretches …Read more

5 Ways Teachers Would Benefit from Custom LASIK Surgery

BENEFITS OF CUSTOM LASIK SURGERY ON TEACHERS Teachers are the perfect candidates for custom LASIK surgery.  Between reading, writing, paper grading, and having to keep a watchful eye on students, LASIK surgery offers the perfect solution to say goodbye to glasses and hello to a more focused perspective – literally.  Plus believe it or not, …Read more

Olympic Sports and Custom LASIK

BENEFITS OF CUSTOM LASIK ON OLYMPIC ATHLETES Some professionals (e.g., doctors, tailors, jewelry designers, computer repair technicians) need eagle eye vision to do their job properly. If you think about it, that requirement also extends to some Olympic athletes. Tennis and badminton players, archers and fencers are among those for whom a sharp eye is …Read more