11 Ways to Beat Seasonal Eye Allergies this Fall

BEST WAYS TO PROTECT YOUR EYES FROM SEASONAL EYE ALLERGIES It’s fall, and along with dropping temperatures and the turning of leaves, a new crop of autumn pollen is sweeping across the country, activating allergy symptoms among over 40 million Americans. All summer, it was grass pollination that was triggering allergic reactions. Come fall, it …Read more

How To Protect Your Eyes With Chemical-Free, Organic, Homemade Eyeliners

ORGANIC EYELINERS In spite of all the warnings we repeatedly hear about eye health, women continue to put commercial eyeliners in daily contact with their eyes. A proper make-up regimen is rarely complete without a sweep of liner darkening the waterline to make eyes look whiter, brighter and more dramatic, and like Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen …Read more

13 Need-know-basis to Avoid Eye Injuries During Halloween

HOW TO AVOID EYE INJURIES DURING HALLOWEEN Halloween – the one reckless day of the year, when anyone can be anybody. Whether you’re dressing for an adult party or helping the kids with their trick-or-treating costume, the temptation to ignore common sense and safety guidelines is pretty hard to resist. And yet, with over 41 million, …Read more

11 Celebrities Who Had LASIK Eye Surgery

CELEBRITIES THAT HAD LASIK EYE SURGERY Nicole Kidman According to the Australian actress, her vision had deteriorated so much over the years, she was walking around, almost legally blind. Finally, faced with the prospect of having to read her acceptance speech at an Academy Award, she went for LASIK surgery. “Now I have 20-20 vision,” …Read more